The Ghost Writer

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And There Was Rain

You know what the best part of this movie was? The last thirty seconds. But not because the movie was so horrible I couldn't wait for it to be over, although there were moments of that too. It was so awesomely unexpected! I had to rewind (is that a violable term anymore with DVD's?) and watch it three times just for fun. Hee, hee, hee.

When former UK Prime Minister Adam Lang's ghost writer (a writer who does the actual writing for someone else's autobiography) is found dead, a new 'Ghost' is brought on. Ewan McGregor plays the 'The Ghost', a politically ignorant writer who's career will sky rocket if he is able to rewrite the manuscript the first Ghost Writer already wrote about Adam Lang. He soon finds out that things are not as they seem and that the first Ghost Writer may have found some secrets he ought not to have uncovered.

It was slow paced and fairly action-less. However, I kept watching. There weren't any great performances or action sequences or clue catching or landscape viewing. There was a lot of rain. There was a lot of watching Ewan McGregor walk around, drive around, bike around, look around and sleep. I admit to fast forwarding through a lot of those sequences, I'm a busy woman and I can't be watching other people do boring things when there's laundry to be switched to the dryer. However dull some of this movie was, I've been debating suggesting it just so you can enjoy the last 30 seconds with me. You can't just skip to the end either because you won't appreciate the...I don't want to give anything away. If you like a good ending and have the patience to wait through drudgery to get there, then go for this one.

Motherly Advice: With filters set on Medium there was one instance of implied extra-marital sex. Lots of language was cut out and there was one instance where drug use was alluded to. Also some alcoholic consumption was in there. With filtering on this movie would be appropriate for the 14 year old crowd and up.

Danielle'- It's All in the Beginnings...or in this case, the Endings.

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