Family Movie Night Activity- Hoodwinked

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That's How We Do It In The Hood...

The story of Little Red Riding Hood has some surprises in it when you hear it from four different perspectives. Get ready for quite the adventure with another Family Movie Night Activity.

Movie Snacks:
* Red Riding Hood's Granny is a top-notch snack chef. Eat like Granny was cooking for you by snacking on Carrot Crumpets, Snickerdoodles, Cheesecake, Muffins, Pies or even Hot Chocolate.
* A signature part of the Little Red Riding Hood story is her basket of Goodies. Gather up your dinner and snacks and serve them out of a picnic basket.
* The Woodsman in this story works serving Schnitzel Sticks (breaded, deep fried veal). Serve up the Austrian dish or try corn dogs or other kabobs instead.

* When Red meets a Goat while trying to get to Granny's house, he sings all about the different horns he has. Try and count them all or ask each person what would be the silliest or most helpful style of horns they could have.
* When Red is in trouble Granny tells her to "Use the Hood!" to float to safety. Make some red paper airplanes and see who's Hood-Plane can fly the furthest.
* Granny ends up all tied up in the closet. Have a Granny Hop race across the room by tying your legs together and see who can move the fastest.

Other Activities:
* Wear your own red riding hood (use a robe, sheet, or blanket) or red t-shirt to match Little Red Riding Hood herself.
* Make Granny Masks like the Wolf wears by decorating and drawing on paper plates. Punch holes in the side and tie around your head with yarn.
* Try singing everything you say to each other just like the goat does.
* Gather some of your favorite family recipes and put together a Recipe Book for each of your family members. This could even be a fun project to get some early Christmas gifts made!

We're sure that if you use these suggestions, your Family Movie Night will be a success from each family member's point of view!

*LyndiLou* Big Fan of Goody Baskets

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