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The Seat Belt Sign Is "ON"

I bet a bunch of people remember this one. If you've already seen Always, sometime in your life-- it shouldn't take much from me or anyone else to nudge you towards giving this lovely thing another view. I am imagining an audience of readers saying, "Ohhhh...that one was good."

If you haven't seen it--well then, I hope you'll me.

Richard Dryfuss plays "Pete" an aerial firefighter who also loves playing the daredevil. Dorinda (Holly Hunter), the woman he loves and Al (John Goodman), his best friend, are nervous that this flyboy's number might just be up. After making one final rescue--saving Al from certain death--he now faces the greatest challenge he's ever had. His new mission? To help his darling Dorinda find love and happiness...without him. Given occcasional tips and insight from his angelic guidance counselor, "Hap", played by Audrey Hepburn, Pete soon realizes that Dorinda isn't the only person having trouble letting go.

This movie has more than it's share of tender, even tearful moments, but it's not without a bit of intense action and even some classic humor. Who could forget Dorinda's attempt to appear domestic to her new beau, by tossing flour around the ktichen, including in her own face? Reminded me of Foods Class clear back in Jr. High. Fun. Ny.

Motherly Advice: Since this flick is PG in the first place, it is limited in it's need for much filtering. However, being a PG rating from the 80's there are a few swear words here and there and a couple of crude terms--usually from Mr. Goodman. With the filter on medium--you'll never know they were there--as most were unnecessary in the first place. Other than that, it's pretty much smooth sailing with this hankie and a half hit.

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