Furry Vengeance

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Dan Sanders moves his family to Oregon while he oversees the development of a choice piece of wilderness. Homes. School. Stores. Bye-bye, trees! Dan means well, but his family wants to go home to Chicago and the animals in the forest, led by a devious raccoon, have decided to wage war against the hapless Dan in a bid to drive the development company away and save their forest homes.

ClearPlay In Action!

This is an easy one for ClearPlay. Some mild language and the more crude of the gags (usually involving bodily fluids) are removed. This movie is appropriate, and intended for, the younger set.

Does This Movie Entertain with a Vengeance?…

This movie has one scene and one scene only that evokes a strong emotional response. It occurs when a pudgy Brendan Fraser (playing Dan) dons his wife’s pink Yum Yum sweats. You will either laugh hysterically or feel the dizzy, vomitous sensation of food poisoning. The rest of the movie consists of poorly executed attempts at sadistic comic humor instigated by cute woodland animals. Kids may enjoy the pratfalls, but adults will want to steer clear (unless there are some guys still nostalgic for Brooke Shields).

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Woodland Defender
Rated PG for some rude humor, mild language and brief smoking.; 92 min; Directed By Roger Kumble

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