Death at a Funeral

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Dear old dad is dead. The family comes together to mourn his passing, estranged brothers Aaron and Ryan welcoming everyone into their mother’s home for the services. Thanks to a host of family secrets and rivalries, a mysterious short man, and valium that isn’t valium, a nice funeral turns into a debacle ripe for dark comedy.

ClearPlay in Action!

Death At A Funeral shows us that swear words are alive and well, particularly the ‘F’ and ‘S’ words that give ClearPlay a thorough workout. ClearPlay must also cut some sections of a fairly lengthy scene where there are generous views of James Marsden’s backside. Add to this some sexual and crude humor, and your ClearPlay machine will likely be gasping near the end from sheer exhaustion.

Should I Attend this Funeral?…

Death at a Funeral is a close remake (down to the same short man) of a British film of the same name released in 2007 (ClearPlay has a filter for that one, too). With renown comedic talents such as Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, and Tracy Morgan (among other big names), it’s odd that the funniest performance comes from the non-comedian, James Marsden. The situational and slapstick comedy provide some funny moments, but I expected more given the talent packed into this film. Due to the subject matter, Death at a Funeral is not for kids and would appeal mostly to those who enjoy dark comedies.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Mourner
Rated R for language, drug content and some sexual humor.; 92 min; Directed By Neil LaBute
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