Clash of the Titans

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In Clash of the Titans, humanity has tired of the fickle, cruel shenanigans of the gods up on Mount Olympus and has decided to quit worshiping them. The gods are less than pleased, and Zeus authorizes Hades to torment the humans until they rethink their apostasy. Perseus, half god, half man, has his own score to settle, leaving his fisherman's nets for a tunic of war in a bid to strike a blow against the capricious gods.

ClearPlay in Action!

The Clash of theTitans’s PG-13 allotment is spent almost entirely on violence, some of which is quite brutal and will cause some skips and jumps. Just remember that Perseus wins. Also excised are a few incidents of language. With ClearPlay, the movie would be appropriate for teens.

Should I Clash With These Titans?…

I had high hopes this movie would improve on the original in some way other than special effects. The fight scenes are certainly more intense and engaging (and gory) and the special effects are better, but Clash of the Titans squanders the romance, coming of age, and brothers-in-arms elements of the story, leaving them underdeveloped or dead or hokey or all three. The movie is shallower than it should be as a result, but there is still a modicum of fun to be had for the action adventure crowd. Release the Kraken!

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Kraken Killer

Rated PG-13 for fantasy action violence, some frightening images and brief sensuality.; 106 min; Directed By Louis Leterrier

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