Weekend of Rentals

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*Please note that that was an exclamation point-less Wow.

There isn't much to be excited about for rentals this weekend. What's going on this summer? Do movie makers really think that movie lovers take a break during the months of June, July and August? Just because the weather is nice outside doesn't mean we actually want to be outside. ;) Well, actually I might take that good natured smiley face back because it's nearly 100 degrees where I live I actually don't want to be outside.

So I need some good rental ideas for this weekend. I'll give one of YOU 10 free Blockbuster movie rentals for letting me know what you're renting this weekend. Yes, I am that desperate for rental ideas! One entry per person counts, giveaway ends Monday, July 26th at 12:01 AM and I would also love to know who you plan on watching your rentals with (even if you're just watching them with your own shadow...or cat, dog, python, hamster, mule, flea or tick).

Have a great weekend!

Danielle'- "Wow! All I can say is...Wow!" - Anyone know what movie that line is from?

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