And the List Goes On

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A thousand thanks to all of you for your suggestions! I've got a movie rental list the size of my chore list (and I've got three kids, a husband and a movie/reading addiction so my chore list is long)! So some movies I've put on my list per your suggestions are The Book of Eli (it was suggested a bunch of times by you all) Memento (watched it a few years ago and loved it) Cool Hand Luke (never seen it) Joe vs. The Volcano (mentioned several times) Shutter Island, Sneakers (needs to be re-visited) and Fun with Dick and Jane. Oh, and how about a figurative high-five to Don who mentioned The Hudsucker Proxy? I love that movie but nobody I have ever talked to has seen it! These are just some of the ones I've been inspired to rent but I'm completely pumped to rent some of the unknown gems some of you have suggested. Thanks! As I watch some of these I'll let you know what I think and give a shout out to whoever suggested it.

Okay, now for the winner...atari_guy! Thanks for your suggestion for The Majestic, I remember that one but haven't seen it since it was in theaters ages ago.

And lastly, I only had one person who guessed at the movie line I quoted- "Wow! All I can say is...Wow!" So, jkaz, just for knowing the line, I'm giving you a surprise gift of 5 Redbox movie rentals. And if the rest of you haven't seen Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Steve Martin and Michael Caine GO SEE IT!!!

Danielle'-I'll be Re-Visiting this Comment Page Often

PS. atari_guy and jkaz, email us at with your name and address to get your prizes.

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