Cop Out

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Two New York detectives (Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan) find themselves in hot water when they blow an assignment. Things get worse for one when his prized baseball card – the one that was to fund his daughter’s wedding – gets stolen. Though they are on suspension, they begin their investigation to retrieve the stolen card, and find themselves back on the case they had blown.

ClearPlay in Action!

Cop Out was rated R for “pervasive language including sexual references, violence and brief sexuality.” How pervasive is the language? ClearPlay edits almost 230 pieces of dialogue, including about 100 F-words. There’s also a lot of police-type violence – shootings, fights, and chases – that, while trimmed of blood, still have an aggregate effect. Two scenes of sensuality are also trimmed.

Is it just a Cop Out to dislike this movie?…

Cop Out is kind of like a lost episode of Lethal Weapon, and is probably about as good as a fifth installment of that series would be. Cop Out purportedly pays homage to ’80s buddy pictures; it plays more like a cliché-addled sequel. Some jokes and situations are funny, many aren’t, and the success of the picture rests with how much good will you feel toward Willis and Morgan. Morgan’s character is so cartoonish, it’s hard to make a connection.

Marty Nabhan— One-half of ClearPlay Buddy Team

Rated R for pervasive language including sexual references, violence and brief sexuality.; 10 min; Directed By Kevin Smith
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