The Bounty Hunter

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Bounty hunter Milo Boyd and hot shot reporter Nicole Hurley had a short courtship, a short marriage, and a bitter divorce. When Nicole skips a court appearance to investigate a story, Milo gets the revenge opportunity of a lifetime: find his ex-wife and take her to jail. But Nicole’s investigation leads her into trouble and Milo decides to help, forcing them to work together to survive until the inevitable romance happens.

ClearPlay in Action!

This movie is loaded with swearing and sensuality. ClearPlay removes these elements nicely. One major scene that occurs inside a strip club is completely removed, creating a continuity gap that will leave you wondering how a certain subplot is resolved. The movie contains mature themes (gambling, drinking, divorce) and is intended for adults.

Should I Collect the Bounty on this Movie?…

The Bounty Hunter is another predictable romcom that does little to elevate itself beyond its peers. The leads, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, are attractive and have decent chemistry, but the movie would have worked better as a revenge flick. There are a few sprinkled laughs to keep you going, especially by some of the secondary characters, but this is a movie you’ll watch once and only think about again when you see it in the 5$ bin in Walmart in three months.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Hunter of Bounty
Rated PG-13 for sexual content including suggestive comments, language and some violence.; 110 min; Directed By Andy Tennant

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