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All You Need is Love

In honor of Father's Day coming up, I wanted to pick a movie to review that epitomizes the very definition of Fatherhood. Well I am Sam happens to be one of these movies. Sam Dawson (Sean Penn) plays a mentally challenged, loving father to Lucy Diamond Dawson (Dakota Fanning). Life is perfect for Sam until Lucy turns 7 and the Department of Family Services deems him unfit as a parent. Lucy is taken away and Sam seeks out legal representation from Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeiffer). Rita's a rich, no-nonsense attorney whose perfect life isn't as it seems. During the court battle that ensues, both Rita and Sam learn lessons about life, love and what being a good parent is all about.

I am Sam is a "gitter" (git.ter (gi’ter) adj. 1. A movie that really ‘gits’ ya). I'll give you several good reasons why this movie is 'gitter'. First, Sean Penn's performance as a man with the mental capacity of a 7 year old is incredibly believable--he will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Second reason, Michelle Pfeiffer. You will hate her in the beginning, trust me. But as she gains insight and grows closer to Sam she realizes what's really important in life. Third reason, Dakota Fanning. This was one of her first films and she is adooooooorable! I get shivers when I think of one of her great one line deliveries, "All you need is love". Brilliant!! Fourth reason, Sam's five friends who range in varying degrees of mental capacities. They ARE the comic relief! And with the sensitive subject matter that this movie deals with, comedy is a must! I especially loved the part where they all accompanied Sam and Lucy to go shoe shopping for Lucy's first day of school – hilarious! Ok fifth and final reason, the music. Sam is a huge Beatles fan and the movie is jam-packed with Beatles hits. Just see it, it'll really 'git' ya!

Motherly Advice: I had my Clearply settings at Most and the movie still had a few things that you might not want your younger kids watching. Clearplay filters several colorful words from Michelle Pfeiffer's character and there is some drinking, some smoking, and some implied premarital sex. There's even a scene where Sam (unaware of course) is getting picked up by a prostitute. So all of this in combination with the sensitive subject matter, I'd probably recommend this movie for ages 12 and up.

Trisha Howard-- I am Trisha, Reviewer of this 'Gitter'

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