Great 'Dad' Roles

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Father of the Bride-When I think of classic ‘Dad Roles’ this is the first one that comes to mind. I still laugh out loud during the scenes with Steve Martin and Martin Short together. When character George can’t understand a word Franck Eggelhoffer is saying. And of course when George imagines his daughter at five telling him she’s fallen in love and is getting married. Classic.

The Family Man- This movie really shows what true happiness is supposed to be all about. My heart melts every time the little daughter Annie finally recognizes Jack as her Dad after she’s labeled him an alien. What daughter hasn’t labeled her own father as somehow alien at some point in her life? Usually teenaged life.

The Princess Bride-This one’s a shout out to Grandpas who are willing to spend entire days reading a great book to their grandsons (and daughters). Since it seems everyone has seen this ‘must-see’ movie, I challenge you to read the book before re-watching the movie because the book is ten times as hilarious.

Definitely, Maybe-Ryan Reynolds as Will Hayes makes a great single Dad telling his daughter the story of his love life gone by. I love stories. And stories told by Dads to their daughters are even better. This was a great (filter needed) movie. My favorite line is near the end when Abigail (the daughter) thanks her Dad (Ryan Reynolds) for the story.
“Your welcome,” he replies, “I didn’t tell you the happy ending.”
Abigail asks, “What is it?”
Aw! I’m getting all teary—Time for the next one!

Finding Nemo-Seriously?! A Dad who crosses the whole ocean, fights a deep sea beast, takes on a forest of jelly fish, three sharks, the inside of a whale and a companion who can barely remember her own name! Add to that a Dad who can realize when his parenting style needs a little fixing and actually fixes it and you’ve got the bravest, best Dad ever!

Taken-Not the most well-done movie in the world, but certainly a great example of a Dad who is kind of clueless as to how to effectively show his daughter he loves her and thankfully, is able to express himself using his “specific set of skills” which prove to be pretty intense. (Filter seriously needed)

Big Fish-I’m just looking for an excuse to get this movie suggested. I LOVE this movie. This one’s more about a son who needs to learn to stop being upset with his Dad for being who he is. Plus, this movie has THE BEST ending there’s ever been in a movie…EVER!
And THAT is how you end a Father’s Day movie list!

Danielle’-To My Dad: ‘As You Wish!’

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