Alice in Wonderland

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Alice Kingsley, now a young woman, finds herself the object of an uncomfortable proposal by the weak-chinned, beak-nosed Lord Ascot. Perplexed, she decides to run away after a peculiar rabbit in a waistcoat, falling down his rabbit hole and returning to Wonderland. In a stunning world of beauty and danger, she quests to discover her true self and to find the courage to face her destiny: to slay the mighty Jabberwocky.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay mainly edits scenes with severed body parts (an eye, tongue, fingers, and a head). One scene where Alice must cross the Red Queen’s moat by hopping across severed heads is left in. The heads themselves are not gory or gross; they just aren’t attached to anything. With ClearPlay the film would be appropriate for most, though some of the monsters might be a bit intense for impressionable young ones.

Should I Follow Alice Into the Rabbit Hole?…

This is a movie based on the Lewis Carroll Alice novels and is an extension of the story, not a retelling of it. Wonderland is a perfect playground for director Tim Burton’s unique style, and the visuals are vivid and memorable. As a straight up adventure flick, Alice In Wonderland is beautiful but mediocre, but if you make an effort to puzzle out the imagery and symbolism and figure out how Wonderland is an extension of Alice herself, the film takes on a deeper, more satisfying dimension.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Fudderwackener

Rated PG for fantasy action/violence involving scary images and situations, and for a smoking caterpillar.; 108 min; Directed By Tim Burton
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