The Spy Next Door

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Your next door neighbor’s a what??

The Spy Next Door is your typical Jackie Chan movie, poured into a big mixing bowl with kids, Russians, and a dash of romance. It's a fun loving family film that’ll get your attention right from the beginning. Jackie Chan plays Bob, an international spy, who has decided that it's time to retire from the world of gadgets and gizmos and big Russian spies. He decides that it’s time for a more normal life...with the single mom of 3 next door. In making this transition he runs into several obstacles that he (in typical Jackie Chan style) jumps, kicks, flips and punches his way through.

I'd give this movie 2 Thumbs up if you plan to watch it with your kids. Unless you are a die hard Jackie Chan fan, I'm not sure I'd watch the movie without the kids. The plot is a little thin for adults. BUT, I will say that it was fun to watch Jackie Chan interact with kids. I mean let's face it, who doesn't like to watch Jackie Chan beat up 10 people at the same time, all the while a 4 year old is hanging on his leg? Or when he jumps off walls and uses chairs to knock out his opponents? Seriously, you'll find yourself smiling and wondering to yourself, what would I have to do to be able to do that?!?!

Motherly Advice: It is a family movie, but still a Jackie Chan movie filled with lots and lots of fighting. As in knives, guns, blow torches, etc. We didn't use any filters on the movie so if you plan on watching with really young kiddos you may want to use the filters on this one.

My Question for you: Doesn't it seem like the spies in movies have the lamest cover-up jobs, ie: Chan works as pen salesman!! Why don't they work as racecar drivers, or rock climbers, ooh ooh, or Australian outback tour guides? What would your cover-up job be if you were an International Spy?

Trisha~ Your Midwestern Spy Next Door

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