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God is angry with his wayward children and has given the order to his legions of angels: wipe humanity from off the face of the earth. The archangel Michael still has faith in us and he disobeys the divine command, falling to earth to find and protect the unborn child who can lead humanity out of darkness.

ClearPlay in Action!

This movie is a foul mouthed, bloody mess with f words a-plenty. ClearPlaying Legion blows some pretty big holes in the action where there are people blowing (or biting) holes in each other, making it difficult to figure out who killed whom from time to time – not that it really matters. Some may find the background theology (an angel loving us more than God among other things) to be offensive.

Is This an Angel of a Movie?…

Legion is essentially a poorly done zombie film (angels possessing humans providing the zombies) with the typical scenario where people hole up in a place to defend themselves from the marauding hordes. If you don’t shift your brain into idle, you will notice plot holes of biblical proportions and realize how utterly nonsensical the whole thing is. So, if God wants to wipe us out, the angels have to take over human bodies (which then grow pointy teeth for easy identification) and bull-rush us? Umm, yeah right. Send this Legion into the pigs.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Arch Angel

Rated R for strong bloody violence, and language.; 100 min; Directed By Scott Stewart
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