Redbox Movie Rental Giveaway

When first getting to know someone, I find the best and most interesting way of getting a feel for someone's character is to ask what their favorite movie of all time is. In the countless times I've asked this question I've never heard the same movie mentioned twice. So, I just have to ask, what is your favorite movie? Just leave a comment to this post, telling us what your favorite movie is and you'll be entered to win ten free Redbox movie rentals. To get the ball rolling, my favorite movie of all time (so far) is Meet Joe Black, with Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt, you really can't go wrong.
One entry per person please.

Danielle'-Bestower of Things for Free

This giveaway will self destruct (or just end) on Monday, April 12th at Midnight. We'll announce the winner on Wednesday Arpil 14th.