Family Movie Night Activity

This last weekend my kids were dying too see The Princess and the Frog again. So, to make it more fun we turned it into our Family Movie Night Activity. If your kids are wanting to watch this again or for the first time and you want to make it more memorable, here’s what you’ll need:
Chocolate Pudding (preferably of the Instant variety)
Celery Sticks
Peanut Butter
Oreo Cookies (the green, mint kind are fun for this)
Gummy Frogs (I think these are mostly sold in gas stations)
Red Vines (optional)
Glow in the Dark Stars (do not eat)

Now the idea:
*Prepare the pudding according to directions and divvy out into individual serving dishes. Scrape the crème out of the Oreos and use the cookie part to smash up into fine bits. Sprinkle the now dirt-look-a-like cookies over the pudding.
*Smear some peanut butter into celery stick canals and top with a few fly-look-a-like raisins here and there.
*Place the celery sticks over the pudding and arrange a few gummy frogs on the celery logs and dirt.
*If you want you can peel a small strip of Red Vine off to make into tongues for the frogs to stretch out towards the flies.
Before the movie begins or before it gets dark place a glow in the dark star (Evangeline) in your movie room in a prominent position. Then group some smaller stars (Ramon and his friends and family) on an opposite wall.
We made this into a guessing game. I didn’t tell the kids what movie we were watching and served them the dessert and let them guess. Then when I turned the lights off for the movie to begin they were delighted to find the glowing ‘lightning bugs’ and star in the room.
Try it this weekend!

Danielle'- Movie Mom Who Lets Her Kids Eat Dirt