Movie Night Activity and a 3-D Question

Last weekend we took the older two kids to see How to Train Your Dragon. Wow did we love it! Although I'm not loving the questions my four year old son now asks us on a daily basis.
'Where do dragons live?'
'Can we have a pet dragon?'
'Do you see that dragon flying over there?'
'What should we name our pet dragon?'
'Have you ever seen a dragon?'
'Are dragons real?'
I'm exhausted, but the movie was worth it.
Here's an idea for a Family Movie Night Activity, while we didn't do this, I think it would be fun if we went again.

Dress your family up as vikings. You can go as crazy as you want by dressing up with vests and viking hats and not showering for a week or you can keep it simple and just braid longer hair and have dads and teenagers grow some scruff and practice their war cries.

On another note: I do need to ask one question. What's the deal with 3-D? A couple years ago we took the kids to see Fly Me to the Moon in 3-D and we all hated it. I got a headache, neither of the kids wanted to wear their glasses and anyway, the glasses didn't seem to work all that well. So we opted out of seeing How to Train Your Dragon in 3-D.
Am I an old fogey afraid of new things or is 3-D really overrated? Fill me in here folks.
Danielle'-Movie Mom with a Pet Peeve