Crazy Heart

In Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges plays Bad Blake, a washed up Country singer reduced to playing at small bars and bowling alleys. A spark starts to ignite within him when he meets a young mother (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who reawakens his love for music and respect for the craft. But will the relationship be enough to turn his life away from the alcohol and cigarettes that are killing him?

ClearPlay In Action!

Crazy Heart received an R rating for language and brief sexuality. The ClearPlayed version cuts about 70 profanities, a sex scene between the stars and three pre- and post-coital moments where sex is implied. The movie might be a little dark and slow for younger members of the family, but its message of the dangers of alcohol are nonetheless relevant. There is lots of smoking and drinking in the movie.

So is watching Crazy like doing time?…

If the plot of Crazy Heart sounds a bit like Tender Mercies, well, join the club. While it doesn’t approach the sublime poetry of that Horton Foote-penned classic, Crazy Heart has a quiet charm of its own, bolstered by terrific performances (Bridges nabbed the Best Actor Oscar), good music and a powerful message of how it’s never too late for redemption. Oh, and in perhaps a self-aware nod to Tender Mercies, Robert Duvall has a nice supporting role.

Marty Nabhan—“I’m a little bit ClearPlay”

Rated R for language and brief sexuality.;112 min; Directed By Scott Cooper