The Lovely Bones

How Should I Put This?

The Lovely Bones...I love it and hate it. Loved the movie, hate that I can’t suggest it to anyone, please let me explain...
It’s a story told by the ghost of a 14 year old girl who was murdered. I know, I know it’s off to a bad start, just wait! While the beginning isn’t graphic, it is uncomfortable, creepy and ugly, even with a filter. Don’t stop reading! Hear me out! This ugliness and discomfort though is an unfortunate truth and in this story you needed to experience that truth in order to revel in the beauty that is the rest of the movie.
It is visually stimulating in Susie’s heaven. But it is emotionally taxing as you watch her family cope, and not cope with the closure-less loss of their daughter, sister and granddaughter. There are moments of despair and moments of bliss. There are moments when the tears crush you down and then moments when laughter lifts you back up. There are moments when a lit candle in the window is all that’s needed to symbolize your love for the lost and moments when you learn that a first kiss holds more redemption than revenge. The beauty is more fulfilling than the ugliness and the love more telling than the hatred.
Mark Wahlburg is, as always, a wonderful surprise and Susan Sarandon made me smile despite the sorrow. Saoirse Ronan easily represents every pure 14 year old girl I’ve ever seen, known or been.
So, while I won’t suggest this movie to every reader out there, I will say that my own experience was vast and complete. The movie thoroughly portrayed the bones of Susie Salmon, as lovely indeed.
Motherly Advice: With my filter set on medium filtering this movie wasn’t graphic but the implications alone are enough to make your skin crawl. So unless you’re looking for new, cruel and unusual ways of teaching your offspring about stranger danger this movie is best kept to the adults. Stanley Tucci is really good in this role. Also, I think this movie is a little easier to handle after you have read the book.
Danielle’- New Supporter of the Neighborhood Watch Program