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Do You Care to Comment?

What is it that people say to the media when they don’t want to say anything incriminating or wrong? No comment. Do we ever really believe them? Of course not! Everyone has a comment. Always. When you hear something, read something or see something you have running commentary going on in your head. If you didn’t, you’d be dead. Right then, you probably just thought to yourself, ‘Did she really mean for those last two sentences to rhyme?’ Well how would you ever know unless you asked?
So, here’s the deal. I believe it’s humanly impossible for someone to read a post from any blog or website and not have something to say about it. Most bloggers agree that for every 100 readers only two or three will leave a comment. Well what’s the matter with the other 98 and 97? They don’t have thoughts? They don’t have running commentary? Pish, posh! How do you expect to make friends if you don’t share your feelings?
Let’s have it people! Share your feelings. Voice your opinions. Make your running commentary heard (if it’s rated PG of course)! We’re so supportive of the ‘Anti-No Comment’ act that we’re going to reward you for leaving a comment on this blog. Starting today, April 30th, every comment you leave on any post on Clearplay’s blog will get you entered to win a free Clearplay DVD player and one year’s Membership.
In your face no commenters! Post a comment about a review, a movie night activity, a movie list, our products, whatever. Each one will get you an entry into this drawing. Only one comment per person, per post, per day. Per what it’s worth, we want to know what you think about…stuff!
Comments posted between Friday, April 30th and Friday, May7th until midnight will be entered. The winner will be announced on Saturday, May 8th.

Danielle’-Your Friendly Neighborhood Commentator
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