Planet 51

Planet 51 is a quiet world with serene 50’s-style neighborhoods, floating cars, and dogs straight from the set of Alien. It’s inhabited by antennae bedecked green people who speak English and have a culture not unlike our own. When Captain Baker, a human astronaut, lands on their sleepy little world, fear and paranoia take over. Only Lem, an impressionable green teenager, understands that the newcomer hasn’t come to eat their brains.

ClearPlay In Action!

While targeted at kids, Planet 51 has some crude spots involving bodily functions and human anatomy for ClearPlay to scrub. Appropriate for anyone when ClearPlayed.

Will I Want to Spin this 51 Times?…

Pixar it aint. Movies like this are the reason bargain bins and "straight to DVD" were invented. It’s time for words that start with the letter i: insipid, inane, irritating, irresponsible, ick. There was potential here for comedy and for a good message about tolerance and understanding, but it is utterly squandered. Kids might extract a modicum of enjoyment from the physical gags, but your time would be better served by re-watching Monsters vs. Aliens or Wall-E. Let this one rot on the rack.

Brian Fuller

Rated PG for mild sci-fi action and some suggestive humor.; 101 min; Directed By Jorge Blanco