Amelia Earhart was an American icon, the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic, and a celebrity in her day. The film introduces us to the famed aviatrix and her husband, George Putnam, as she challenges herself and the world’s notions of what women can do with her passion to fly.

ClearPlay in Action!

Amelia is rated PG and ClearPlay has fairly easy work here, excising a few mild obscenities and some sensuality. Be aware that part of the movie’s story involves infidelity. With filters, it would be appropriate for anyone who could stay awake.

Should I Fly With Amelia?…

Amelia is a good, basic introduction to the life and exploits of an intriguing American figure, and Hillary Swank and Richard Gere inhabit their roles well. Earhart’s name invokes a sense of adventure, excitement, triumph, not to mention the mystery surrounding her disappearance. The film, unfortunately, invokes yawns. If you like biopics, give the film a go. If not, the Wikipedia article on Earhart will prove more interesting.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Aviator

Rated PG for some sensuality, language, thematic elements and smoking.; 111 min; Directed By Mira Nair