Mother's Day Giveaway!

Movie Mom
Announcing ClearPlay Streaming!

ITS CLEARPLAY'S FAVORITE HOLIDAY!! (watch the video above!)

Every year we LOVE reading all of your Mother's Day comments!  Plus, this Mother's Day we are EXCITED to announce ClearPlay streaming movies! (no discs required!)  

ClearPlay Streaming works with your existing ClearPlay membership.  
Nothing new to buy!  

How ClearPlay Streaming Works:
Just like you first need a DVD when watching a movie on your ClearPlay DVD player, with streaming you first need to rent or purchase access to the streaming movie.  ClearPlay currently works with streaming movies rented or purchased through GooglePlay.  

(Click to see a list of movies available for ClearPlay streaming.  Once you have selected the movie just follow the instructions and you will be watching a streaming movie with ClearPlay in no time!).

ClearPlay's Annual Mother's Day Giveaway!
This is our favorite giveaway.  We love to read your Mother's Day comments!  They truly make our day.

This year we are giving our favorite entry:

A Dozen Roses (of course!)

and $100 GooglePlay movie gift card! 
(that will cover you for about 25 streaming movie rentals! Nice!)

In the comment section below write about how much you love your mom, or ClearPlay, or how much you want your mom to love ClearPlay!  Every comment counts!

Share your comments below before midnight this Friday, May 9th!

Danielle'- Mother of ClearPlay's Poetic Stream

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