Red 2

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The Retired and Extremely Dangerous team of old codgers is back to locate a missing portable nuclear device.

Life Without ClearPlay!
Life without ClearPlay in this film involves two handfuls of swearing, blasphemous remarks, passionate kissing and lots and lots and lots of killing. I really get a kick out of these RED movies but the ease with which every character takes a life is jarring. In the theater at one point I heard somebody gasp when one of the bad guys shot an innocent woman out of nowhere. If you can’t handle violence, these movies aren’t for you nor should they be for teenagers without filters.

Will RED Make You Want to Retire?...
If you can get past the death toll in this flick then you’re in for a good time with all of these older actors. Mary Louise Parker is so funny, Bruce Willis does his signature suave-no-acting thing that he’s so oddly good at while John Malkovich makes you laugh just looking at him. I’m always partial to the first movies in series and this one is no different but if you liked the first you’ll definitely enjoy this second one too.

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