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Hope.  Something that every human needs to survive in a world that is in the peril of times.  The Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) is the symbol of hope that the people on earth need.  Clark Kent has spent his 33 years on earth trying to conceal the super strength powers that only he has. But several years later, his arch-nemesis, Zod (Michael Shannon) has found him and wishes to re-build Krypton on planet earth, and destroy the human race.  Superman is faced to choose between his own people, and the people that raised him. One race stays, one race goes and Clark Kent/The Man of Steel/Superman must choose to fight for only one side.

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Man of Steel is just that, he’s made of steel and this movie shows off every muscle on his body but we only see his actual skin, from the waste up, for a brief 3 second shot.  That is literally all you have to worry about for the dress code. There is one very tasteful kissing scene that lasts only a few seconds and isn’t at all uncomfortable. The language however, is a different story.  This film portrays Clark as a boy in quite a few scenes, several of which include bullying and 5 swear words (no f-bombers in the entire film *sight of relief*!) A couple of the soldiers as well as Lois Lane also do their share in adding a few more swear words to the movie mix.  But all of this is but a mere shadow compared to the amount of violence in this film.  Zod finds Kal-El towards the last thirty minutes of the film, and that entire time-span is a battle scene in one way or another. I even thought that the battle was finally over, until one more fight starts up again.  The good thing is that since the kryptonites apparently don’t bleed so there isn’t a lot of gore, just steel bodies banging each other through buildings, and the sky, and through asphalt, etc.  In my opinion the single flaw in the entire film is that the battle finale lasted about 10 minutes too long but other than this, The Man of Steel deserves every bit of anticipation that folks ages 13+ (appropriate age) are giving it.

Will the Man of Steel, Steal your heart?...

Think Big. Now think even Bigger.  That’s how big this movie is.  I’m not at all ashamed to admit that from the moment the first trailer was released I was hooked and anticipating the day of its theatrical debut.  And let me say, it did NOT disappoint!! Henry Cavill plays his parts both as sweet and innocent Clark Kent, and then as Superman, with perfection.  Hard to pull off since putting the innocent farmer boy in a suit of armor and trying to make him seem tough, could come off as a bit cheezy.  Not so.  He’s divine, in every way! And don’t think you won’t also be impressed by the rest of the star-studded cast, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Diane Lane.  All actors casted created a movie that had me wishing it would never end (er except for as I aforementioned, the longo-bongo battle scene at the end).  So to answer my own question, YES, this Man of Steel did in fact steal my heart, and the question remains, will he steal your heart as well?

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Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language; 143 min; Directed by Zach Snyder
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