Commentator’s Giveaway

Movie Mom
Every movie lover knows that the trick to having fun while watching a truly terrible movie is to commentate. From making fun of actors to gagging on overly cheesy scenes and mimicking ridiculous lines...watching super bad movies has its own value of entertainment…so long as you commentate.

Well, sometimes we review super bad movies and sometimes our reviews may just be super bad, either way, commentating will always make them better!
So for the rest of this month and through June 14, 2013 we're encouraging some serious commentating! Every time you leave a comment on a movie page on the ClearPlay website you will be entered to win 3 Year’s worth of Membership!! That's worth commenting on right?! One comment per person, per page please and get them in before midnight on June 14, 2013.

Danielle'- ClearPlay Commentary Commentator

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