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An alien race has taken over planet Earth with the intent to make it more peaceful, harmonious and beautiful. In order to do so however, these aliens must inhabit the bodies of the humans which, in most cases, erase the consciousness of the human whose body is being hosted. In the case of Melanie Stryder things don’t go precisely like this at all and alien ‘Soul’ Wanderer must deal with Melanie’s nearly constant presence inside the body that she now inhabits. To make things even more complicated Wanderer begins to feel remorse that her race has taken over the humans at all.

Life Without ClearPlay?

The main thing to watch out for in this film is kissing. There aren’t any actual sex scenes but there are lots and lots of passionate kissing scenes. One scene in which this kissing is done in bed with an extremely shirtless man and another scene in which kissing is followed by talk of doing things more than just kissing. Talk of humans being inhabited by aliens may also be traumatic for youngsters but if you’re intent on seeing this in theaters I’d say 16 and up for this one. ClearPlay filters will do this one wonders!
Will The Host Take Over Your Consciousness?...

No, you’ll just wish it did. I’ve been trying all weekend to come up with some sort of redeeming quality this film may have had so that I can try to stay positive while completely thrashing this movie to bits. I have failed, there is nothing redeemable. What’s worse is that I can’t even tell you just one thing that made this movie so awful. The bad acting, the horrible script, the awful timing, the deviance from the book plot…the truth is, a movie that fails this badly has so many people to thank that I just wouldn’t have time to acknowledge everyone’s part in this mass movie massacre. Spend your ticket money on Oz, Warm Bodies, The Croods or (although I haven’t seen it yet) Jack the Giant Slayer which looks pretty good.
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