The Croods

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The Croods are a family of cave people who live their lives almost totally and completely within the painted walls of their…you guessed it, cave. However, life inside a cave does not suit the teenage Crood, Eep, and she longs for an adventure that will take her up and out of her cave. How about an adventure like running for her life at the end of the world as she knows it? That’ll work.

Life Without ClearPlay!
This one is great for the whole family! Of course there are some intense life or death situations and animals that are dangerous, scary and unknown. Near the end Thug, the father, risks his life to save his family and we think he’s doomed for sure but he finds a way save himself. I saw this with my four year old and he wasn’t scared at all and I didn’t find anything inappropriate about it. Some cave outfits may be a little revealing but not in any way sexual and there is a little romance with long looks and some physical closeness but nothing that made me uncomfortable.

Will This Prehistoric Tale Soar Into Your Library or Crash and Burn?...
I’m pretty luke-warm on this film. All the voice talents were great and the crazy “pre-evolved” animals were fun to look at but the story was weak and the humor was flat and sparse. It was cute for a little Mother/Son date at the theaters but I certainly will not be buying this one for our family’s collection.

Danielle’- ClearPlay Cave Painter
Rated PG for some scary action; 98 min; Directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders
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