Oz The Great and Powerful

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Carnival magician and con-man Oz, finds himself traveling via tornado and thrown into the world of…Oz, and straight in the middle of a power struggle between three witches. However, this conundrum seems to play into his favor when everyone thinks he is the great Wizard that has been prophesied would come and save them. IF he can keep himself alive that is.

What It’s Like Without ClearPlay?
This film stands a lot to gain with some filtering. I counted 2 uses of the d-word (yikes!) lots of cleavage and some womanizing by Oz. He gives women fake heirlooms from his grandmother in order to trick them into romantic feelings so he can kiss them. He kisses three different women in this film and only one of them because he’s in love. One time you’ll hear one of the witches talking about dancing with him the previous night and how it felt to “have his body pressed against hers”. What?! Call me prudish if you want but I was a little uncomfortable in this film with my 9 and 7 year old. The flying monkeys are a little scary but not too bad for kids 6 and over. If I had known what we were getting into beforehand I would have waited for this one to come out on DVD so I could ClearPlay it for my kids.
Will You Want to Click Your Heels for Oz?...

The questionable PG rating aside, this film was really fun and the kids loved it. Being the critic I am however, I spent most of the movie listing off all the actors who would have done a better job than James Franco. This isn’t to say he was bad at all, he just could have done better with the comedic parts of the character. He simply doesn’t have the comedy flare I felt like this character called for and so it felt really fake to me. Call me crazy (unless you called me prudish before, in which case that’s enough name calling from you) but I think I would have preferred Zach Braff in the roll of Oz, even though he was adorable as Finley. Alright, criticism over, your family will probably really love this movie when it comes out on DVD with your ClearPlay filters in place.
Danielle’- ClearPlay Theater Ozian

Rated PG for sequences of action and scary images, and brief mild language; 130 min; Directed by Sam Raimi
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