The Cold Light of Day

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Will Shaw goes to Spain to vacation with his Mom, Dad, and brother. When his family suddenly goes missing from the boat, he finds himself embroiled in a plot to recover a briefcase full of secrets. Alone and on the run from everyone, Will finds out his Dad isn’t who he thought he was and that it is up to him to find the briefcase before his family is killed.

ClearPlay In Action!

Swearing and violence are ClearPlay’s main problems to clean up. There are around thirty instances of language, including the F word and a few S words. A couple of shootings and beatings get trimmed, but the movie will not be any worse for being shorter. Edited, The Cold Light of Day would be appropriate for older teens and anyone else you want to torture.

Will This Movie Leave Me Cold?…

I am fairly convinced that this movie was written by a room full of lobotomized, underachieving monkeys. Even the respected, seasoned actors couldn’t deliver a decent performance. While I could write a lengthy diatribe on everything wrong with this film, I’ll spare you the list. The most memorable thing about The Cold Light of Day was Henry Cavill’s ability to run like a cheetah and make a lot of weird sounds and faces when doing any sort of physical activity. I recommend this film to aspiring actors, writers, and directors so they can see how NOT to do an action thriller. If your looking for a Bruce Willis action movie, try the Die Hard series or The Expendables instead.
Brian Fuller– The Cold Light of ClearPlay
Rated PG-13 for language and sexual content; 93 min; Directed By Mabrouk El Mechri

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