To Rome with Love

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In this Woody Allen comedy, we follow four main stories that take place in Rome: 1) a couple from a small town get a taste of the big city; 2) future in-laws meet, and the American father-in-law (Woody Allen) feels the Italian father-in-law has tremendous singing talent; 3) an architect (Alec Baldwin) revisits his past; and 4) an ordinary Italian man (Roberto Begnini) is besieged by sudden, inexplicable fame.

ClearPlay in Action!

Sexually charged humor is abundant in To Rome with Love.   ClearPlay trims several trysts, a few scenes of immodest dress, and more than 20 profanities, including one F-word.  As many of the tales revolve around infidelity, the movie is best suited for more mature audiences.

Will Rome make me want to shout ‘bravo’ to Woody Allen?...

In the wide continuum of Woody Allen films, To Rome with Love would probably merit an “okay.”  While not great, the vignettes have an amusing, surrealistic charm.  Each individual story is meant to be an exaggeration, and each has both strong and weak moments.  The laughs are modest, and for some viewers, that may be enough.  For me, I found it entertaining to see several Italian characters act and talk like Allen. 

Marty Nabhan - Living the ClearPlay Dolce Vita
Rated R for some sexual references; 112 min; Directed by Woody Allen

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