Terminator Salvation

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They Win This Battle, But The War Is Yet To Come!

John Connor lives in a world where machines and robots rule and are determined to obliterate the whole human race.  But the Resistance, a group of rebels who are equally determined, figures out a way to stop the machines. It’s only a matter of infiltrating Skynet, their robot headquarters.  A fete that seems impossible, but with the help of Marcus Wright, Connor and the rest of the resistance they may have hope in winning this battle after all.
This 4th installment of Terminator will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat! I may be a lover of chic-flics but this is one action-packed series that I enjoy and would actually watch again.  Christian Bale hands out a stellar performance. BTW, I know he seems to be type casted into these ultra action blockbuster films, but the man CAN dance and sing; go rent Newsies, you’ll see what I’m talkin’ about.  Sam Worthington also performs wonderfully, but what I enjoy the most about this film and all the other Terminator films, is the intricate storyline.  It’s filled with action from start to finish, but the story is interesting and deep, and serves a purpose.  

Motherly Advice: Terminator Salvation was viewed in my home with filters set on medium.  With this level of filters you won’t have to worry about any sexual content, nudity, language, or alcohol.  What you will still see is v.i.o.l.e.n.c.e. From the opening scene you see a man being prepped for lethal injection and although the actual injection is filtered you still know what is going on.  Then the movie fast-forwards into the future where robots rule the earth and they are brutal, they blow up anything in their sight, steal women, children, men, and fight to the death.  And since guns are the only way the humans know how to defend themselves, there is at least some sort of gunfight going on through almost every scene of the movie.  But what you’ll really want to be prepared for is when the cyborgs come into play.  These are the robots that are covered with skin, so when they fight you’ll see a couple of quick shots of skin hanging, body parts intertwined with robot parts, fighting that is extremely violent, etc. Terminator Salvation is a great action film but is extremely intense, jumpy, violent, and gory. Therefore I feel it is only suitable for the mature teenagers 17+.

Trisha~ For you Arnie Schwarzenegger fans, there’s a special surprise in this film for ya!

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