The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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 Welcome back to Middle Earth!

The Hobbit brings us back to when Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman – you may know him as Watson from Sherlock) was just a young fellow.  Unsure why he has been chosen to be a part of a group of dwarves intent on hunting down a lost treasure of their heritage, he chooses to sign on and help them.  

I fell in love with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy about a decade ago when they were released.  I was sad of course when it ended and I didn’t know how much I missed those furry footed people and their fantasy world until I saw The Hobbit. There are many new characters in this the 1st of 3 Hobbit films to be released and I loved them all.  I had no trouble at all falling in love with this tale once again, but from the beginning.  Of course Gandalf returns as the beloved wizard and I’m not sure there is anyone who could play him better than Ian McClellan.  I don’t know how that Peter Jackson does it but the film is incredible, from the feeling you have been transported in time or to another dimension to the fantastic cinematography.  Yes, if you are a wiggly movie watcher and balk at the sound of hearing this is once again an almost 3 hour movie, don’t worry the time goes by much faster than you think.  Just consider it a mini mental vacation!

Motherly Advice:  If you are just too excited to wait for this one on video and you find yourself racing to the theater to see it let me give a few words of warning mainly for a younger audience.  The Orcs are BACK!  They are as ugly and scary as we’ve known them to be.  They ride demonic looking wolves that are on the hunt to kill.  There is a good amount of violence in the form of battles or fighting but it is never in a gory/bloody way but death is still mainly the outcome.  Some immature jokes from the dwarves, or some other creature may be a little gross, like talking about snot but pretty harmless.  If you decide to go against the PG-13 recommendation for age use the other movies as a guideline except this isn’t as dark.     

Hannah Clearplay Hobbit minus the hairy feet!

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