Family Movie Night Activity - The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

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“You’re not Santa anymore. You’re just the guy who smells like a cookie!”

As if Santa didn’t have his hands full by trying to prepare for Christmas, now he is trying to balance being a great husband and Father-to-be with stopping Jack Frost from stealing his job. If Scott would just regret becoming Santa, invoking the Escape Clause, then Jack could take over with Frost-mas… but will Santa and Christmas be replaced that easily? Find out with your whole family at your next Family Movie Night!

Movie Snacks
*There are a lot of snacks around Santa’s workshop and any of them would be tasty during your movie night. You could serve individual strings of popcorn (or maybe thread it together while you munch on it, for a decoration to use after the movie), decorate and eat gingerbread houses, or serve up some of that hot cocoa that Jack Frost uses to distract the elves with.
*To get to the Hall of Snow Globes, you have to put just the right code into one of the vending machines. Decorate some shoe boxes to look like a Red Deer, Choco Treats, and North Pole Icey Bits vending machines, then serve your Movie Night treats from them.
*Pick something suitable for each character in the movie and serve it for dinner. Jack Frost’s Chilled Cucumber Soup, Easter Bunny’s Garden Salad, Mother Nature’s All Natural Veggie Stew, Santa’s Stuffed Sub Sandwiches, Santa’s Steak & Potatoes, or even Sloppy Santa Sandwiches (instead of Sloppy Joe’s), anything works as long as you give it a creative name! Don’t forget hot chocolate or milk and cookies for dessert!

Must Pause Moments
*Santa Clause and the elves are rushing Mrs. Claus through the North Pole because they think the baby is coming! While rushing along, they nearly run into several different elves and objects. Create your own obstacle course by having each person run through the course while pushing a baby doll in a stroller. Everyone can take turns running around the room, dodging stuffed animals, bouncy balls, or crawling under or over furniture. See who can make it through the fastest!
*While Santa is busy at work, the family decorates the Christmas tree, though they want for Scott to put on the Christmas Tree topper . Pause the movie and put the tree topper on your tree, just be sure the tree is nice and sturdy, so it doesn’t end up the same way that Santa’s tree did… broken on the floor! Feel free to share a picture of your beautifully decorated Christmas Trees on our Facebook page.
*When the elves bring in Lucy’s parents they are frozen solid. Stop the show and have a Frozen Dance Off. Turn on some music and have the everyone dance. When the music stops, each person has to freeze in place. Anyone caught moving is out. Play until you have one person left. The winner gets their mug of hot cocoa first!

Other Activities
*Carol’s parents think they are visiting their daughter's home in Canada. Decorate your home with Canadian flags and label your rooms with signs similar to the ones the elves put up. Use names like “Maple Leaf Sweet Shop” and “Canadian Bacon Exchange.”
*Give each family member a coloring page and an activity sheet for them to work on during or after the movie. For older kids, you could have a timed race to see who can finish the activities first.
*Have a movie marathon by watching all three Santa Clause movies. Check out the previous movie activities for even more Christmas movie night fun!

*LyndiLou* - Movie Mom & Honorary Up-Holder Of The S.O.S. Rules

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