The Mummy

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Death Is Only The Beginning

When Evy Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) and her brother Jon (John Hannah) hire Rick O’Connel to lead them to an archaeological dig in a lost city in ancient Egypt, they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Hidden treasures, tombs, and gold encrusted books will tempt them. They think they’ve hit the jackpot when they discover the tomb of the ancient High Priest Imhotep. Once he is awakened, he’ll seek union with only Evy and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

If there were ever a time to have a couch with seatbelts included, this movie would be a good one to sit on said couch.  The Mummy is a movie that has so many jumpy parts, creepy crawlers, and in general just plain spooky mummys. I l.o.v.e Rachel Weisz in this film, her nutty professor quality is so quaint and beautifully played.  Brendan Frasier also does a good job of playing the big burly hero, but who I really think is a gem in this film is John Hannah.  He offers comic relief like no other actor could do with his quick wit and perfectly timed antics.  Genius! You will love the mystery of Imhotep, the drama between Evy and O’Connel, and the perfectly orchestrated creepiness of The Mummy.

Motherly Advice: I watched with my filters on medium and let the list begin.  The silly western Americans come well equipped with ammunition.  So of course there is a lot of gun shooting, guns of all shapes and sizes.  They also get into a lot of fistfights, LOTS.  Now for the creepy parts.  Once the crew gets into the lost city there are a lot of bugs, some of which burrow into the skin and kill, one scene in particular shows one crawling up Jon’s arm and Rick digs it out with his knife. Gross.  When Ihmotep’s tomb is first opened, it is a gooey, disgusting skeleton and from there the mummy slowly kills off all who opened his tomb by taking their skin, eyeballs, tongues, etc.  You see corpses that look like their skin was sucked right off of their bodies.  One time you see that plus the guys eyeballs are missing.  It’s quite creepy. Ihmotep also does a lot of creepy screaming, whilst spewing killer flies out of his mouth.  At the end you will see a LOT of creepy mummies, and Rick fighting mummies, so no blood and guts but lots of random mummy limbs everywhere. I’ve seen The Mummy several times and I had always thought it would be appropriate for 12, or 13 aged kids, but after really paying attention to the gun/fist fighting and the creepiness of the Mummy, I would think ONLY 15+ on this one.

Trisha~ A couch with seatbelts made for scary movies? Yes Please!

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