Girl in Progress

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Creates Viewer Distress

This is a coming of age story inspired by every other coming of age story out there, and that's exactly how Ansiadad plots her short cut to adulthood. She's lived her short teen-aged life in her mother's not so careful care and she's more than ready to get away from her and start her own adult life. Her plans go exactly as she hoped, but will that end up being what she really wanted?

This film was unimpressive. I really like Eva Mendez but she wasn't enough to save this one. It was predictable and the lesson too forcibly placed. I cringed with how cheesy and overdone it was, the one character I actually gave a hoot about didn't get nearly enough time on screen and never got the chance to redeem himself. Just all around disappointing, but if you need a good film on how not to be a Mother or how not to make a movie then by all means...go right ahead and suffer through this one.

Motherly Advice: My filters were set to Medium but there were some themes and topics that can't be filtered. Ansiadad's mom is dating a married man and wears a very short waitress dress. One of the steps Ansiadad thinks she needs to go through is to loose her virginity to the cool guy in school. While the scene in which this does or does not happen is filtered (hence why I don't know if happened or not) you still see them going up the stairs and it's obvious why. Ansiadad steals money from her mom and her mom contemplates stealing money from her employer and is just an all around horrendous mother. If you feel like punishing yourself by watching this movie, don't further punish any teens under the age of 16.

Danielle'- Mother of the Year By Comparison

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