Family Movie Night Activities: The Haunted Mansion

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“Welcome Foolish Mortals…”

Jim & Sarah Evers are real estate agents that get enticed into stopping by a potential job on their way out of town for a vacation… only to find that The Haunted Mansion is the last place they might EVER be. Gather your family, and keep them close by, while you brave your way through our latest Family Movie Night Activities. 

Movie Snacks
*The Evers are invited in by Ramsley, the butler, to a very fancy dinner. If you want a posh dinner like they had, be sure to serve a soup appetizer, with a chicken main dish. Be sure to set the table with care and include goblets for drinking out of.
*When Jim Evers sees the huge fireplace in his room, he says it’s big enough to have a “Weenie Roast.” Grab some hotdogs for your own family, and serve a more simple meal than the one Ramsley had prepared.
*As Michael and Megan are wandering around the house, they end up finding the maid who offers them cookies. Be sure to have some cookies of your own to snack on so you don't have to reach for some from the ghost maid.
*There are sure a lot of skeletons in this movie… depending on how you set your filters of course! Serve a whole variety of skeleton themed snacks while you watch the show. Try making Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies, Stacked Pretzel Skeletons or even arrange your veggies and dip to look like a Skeleton. If you’ve got other spooky skeleton snack ideas, please share in the comments, on Facebook or even Pinterest.

Must Pause Moments
*When the movie starts, everyone is wearing masquerade masks at the ball. Pass out masks (or make some as another activity) and wear them during the movie. You could even switch them between family members by passing them to the right each time you hear “ghost” and to the left when someone says “house.”
*When Megan and Michael are following the blue light, play a game of “Follow The Leader“ but change it to “Follow the Blue Light.” Lead your children around the house with a blue flashlight and let them get the wiggles out before watching the rest of the movie. 
*Madam Leotta from the crystal ball talks in rhymes and riddles. When Jim first meets her, he gets chased around the house by all sorts of musical instruments. Have each person in your family come up with a rhyme of their own. It could be about those instruments, Movie Night, your family or Halloween. 

Other Activities
*Make picture with the eyes cut out so you can see through them. Print off pictures of your family members, movie stars, or other famous figures. Cut out the eyes, glue the picture on to cardboard or paper plates and attach a Popsicle sticks to them. Now you have portable pictures you can hide behind.
*Have a scavenger hunt to find the key. Hide a skeleton key somewhere in your home or yard and see if your family can find it. Remember to leave clues by the oak tree and the mausoleum… if you happen to have those in your yard.
*This movie is based on the ride of the same name at Disneyland. If you’re close by, or will be visiting soon, be sure to check out the ride to see how it compares. If you won’t be able to make it to Disneyland any time soon, then check out online videos of the ride, or even play around on this Haunted Mansion website.

*LyndiLou* Mere Mortal Movie Mom

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