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Do you really know your neighbors?

Kale (Shia Lebeouf) a grieving teen since his father’s sudden death has been sentenced to three months house arrest for punching a teacher.  With little to do he turns his attention to the only entertainment he has access to, his neighbors.  With a pair of binoculars, some video cameras, a couple of stake out buddies and an overactive curiosity, Kale becomes convinced one of his neighbors is a serial killer.
Disturbia is an homage to the Hitchcock great Rear Window.  I appreciate a thriller that doesn’t use all of the gore and bloodiness to get its point across but rather mood and suspense instead.  The cast was quite good with a believable Shia as a teen with issues, a super creepy neighbor played by David Morse and you gotta love Kale’s goofy friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo).  There are some cliché teen moments that didn’t add to the story but overall those can be overlooked. 

Motherly Advice:  Watch with your filters cranked up to Most Filtering.  Oodles of things will be filtered for you including language, an inappropriate video being watched by minors, dead human and animal bodies and a young woman being spied on while undressing. That is the good news of what was taken out so here is a rundown of what remains.  The neighbor girl Ashley dresses in some short shorts and wears a bikini in a couple of scenes.  While Kale is scoping out the neighborhood he learns of an affair a neighbor is having and kissing through the window are shown with the implication of more.  Kale does hit one of his teachers in an emotional moment while defending the memory of his Father.  With a psychopath in the neighborhood there are some pretty INTENSE moments…  Knives and a baseball bat breakdown the weapons you will see but there is also physical fighting in defense of one's life.  There are a couple teenage make out scenes too. This suspense movie is geared to your teens but you may like it too, I did.  I suggest it for ages 14 and up.

Hannah Clearplay Busybody!

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