The Ghost and the Darkness

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For The Adrenaline Junkie In All Of Us!

Ok I know you’re out there.  You who dream of going to Africa to be near the Safari, to see up close the giraffes and hippos and giant safari lions.  This is also the dream of Col. John Henry Patterson, a bridge engineer who is hired to build a bridge over one of the largest rivers in Africa.  Upon his arrival though he finds the village and all of his workers spooked by a couple of huge “man-eater” lions that own the night and anyone who dares show their face.  Based on a true story, this suspenseful film will have you afraid of the ghost AND the darkness!

The Ghost In the Darkness is an adrenaline rush! Don’t expect a lot out of the acting, (poor Val Kilmer, he should stick with volleyball scenes and high flying jets!) it truly is a movie meant to keep you in suspense, and that it does. Especially when you take into factor that it’s based on a true story and point of fact, these two lions were said to actually have killed a total of 130 people!! So watch with a pillow, or a blanket, or a big burly man next to you, just don’t watch alone because The Ghost AND the Darkness will getcha!

Motherly Advice: The reason that this film is rated R is because there is a LOT of blood and guts and fleshy sound effects etc., so watch with your filters on medium and what you’ll get is a movie with all the suspense, but without the disgusting aftermath of a lion mauling a person. And don’t worry, it doesn’t take away from the film, unless you love the look of disgusting human bloody flesh. There might be a couple of scenes where they are drinking alcohol but again, with filters it’s actually a clean flic.  Because of the suspenseful nature though, I still don’t think it’s a film appropriate for the youngsters. I would say this would be a movie for ages 13+.

Trisha~I myself will stick with the dream of sandy Bahama beaches!

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