The Decoy Bride

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Ignore The Critics On This Hidden Treasure!

Katie NicAoidh (Kelly MacDonald) has just found out her boyfriend is cheating on her, so she seeks solace in the arms of her mother who lives on the peaceful and remote Scottish island of Hess.  Her recovery, however, is rudely interrupted when one of the most famous actresses in the world, Lara Tyler (Alice Eve) comes to Hess for a peaceful, paparazzi free, wedding.  Not to be outsmarted, the paparazzi hunts down Tyler’s scent, threatening to ruin her dream wedding.  It is at this crucial point that Katie is hired to be a decoy bride in order to throw off the paparazzi. But a scheme meant to deceive, may only find Katie with in fact another broken heart!

So I’m standing at our local Redbox trying to find a movie that would be fun and clean, to watch at our monthly girl’s night. I come across the title, The Decoy Bride, which also happens to star one of my favorite actors, Kelly MacDonald (you may remember her from Nanny McPhee) AND it’s even rated PG! Bonus!! And I’m so happy to report to all of you readers that this is a hidden treasure! I don’t remember it even hitting the theatres?!?  The critics gave it a mediocre rating, but I’m here to tell you that we (me and my awesome, wonderful girlfriends) thought it was adorable! First off, it’s set in Scotland so you already know you’ll love the scenery. Second, it stars Kelly MacDonald and Alice Eve (‘nuf said) and third, the story is a sweet love lost, love found in the strangest of circumstances, and it just works! It’s family friendly, and girl’s night friendly, need I go on??

Motherly AdviceWe viewed this film with the filters set on Medium and though the film is only rated PG there are still just few things to be aware of.  First, in one of the scenes Katie and her male counterpart James Arber (David Tennant) are doing some pretty heavy drinking straight out of the wine bottles. Second, for a good portion of the movie, Katie is in a gorgeous, but off the shoulder-wedding gown.  This isn’t too bad, but in one scene the dress tears, and somehow for the next 10 or so minutes of the film, the wedding gown is short, as in daisy duke short.  Lastly, there’s a scene that shows James and Katie undressing and he’s wearing his boxers, and she’s wearing just some negligee, it’s tasteful, but nevertheless…. So there you have it, I would say that if you watched with your filters on MOST, The Decoy Bride would be perfectly appropriate for ages 12+.

Trisha~What are your favorite girl’s night movies??

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