Sky High

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 Everyone Cheers for the Underdog!

Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano), son of the two greatest Superheroes, the Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston), is about to start High School.  Instead of going to a regular High School he is enrolled in Sky High where other Superheroes and Sidekicks go.  If being a teenager and the problems that go with that aren’t enough, Will discovers he isn’t sure what his Superhero power is yet.  As one of the most anticipated students to go to Sky High, Will is feeling the pressure and learns the family has some arch enemies.

Is Sky High predictable? Yes.  Does that make it not worth seeing? Nah.  Finding a Superhero movie these days that is kid friendly is pretty hard to do but this one has some redeeming qualities that your kids will enjoy at least, even if you don’t.  It has humor and some unique, likeable characters that encounter real issues like bullies, choosing good friends and doing well in school. I would say the target audience would be between ages 7 and 12 so if you find yourself critiquing this movie for some of the campy, low budget style action scenes, just remember it is geared toward the kids, which is what I liked about it.  The cast has many fresh faced teenagers thrown in with some veterans like Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston, Cloris Leachman and Dave Foley. If you enjoyed The Incredibles and have some Superhero lovers in your home Sky High should be on your list to watch!  

Motherly Advice: Will shows some teenage rebellion by not listening to some of his house rules and giving into peer pressure, but on the flip side he learns his lesson.  Cartoon style fighting (kind of reminded me of Power Rangers) and a villain or two are all part of the plot but none of it was too scary in my opinion for most kids 7 and up.  The Superheros wear form fitting clothing and Jetstream is shown briefly in a scene leaning forward and some cleavage is seen. A couple of kisses is as far as it goes for sexual content besides a bit of High School puppy love.  My filters were set to Medium but I recommend turning your filters to Most at least for language to cut a couple of words that remained.

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