ClearPlay Classic: Twins

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The Tall and the Short of It

DeVito and Schwarzenegger, the perfect setup for physical comic hilarity. Or at least it was back in the '80's. This last Friday night when I watched it the only things that were chuckle worthy were Schwarzenegger's failing attempts at acting without looking truly frightening and the eye rolling style of the time. I guess if you're desperate for a flashback you could give this one a try but I wouldn't really bother if I were you.

Motherly Advice: The inappropriateness of 80's movies is ever present here. With filters set to Medium for nudity and sex there was still a prolonged scene with an inappropriately dressed mannequin in the back ground, a scene with a woman in her nightie and a clear shot of her rear and several references to premarital sex and the before and after of sex. It was pretty inappropriate even for teens and wouldn't let them view it under the age of 16.

Danielle'- Thank Goodness for no Duplicates Here

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