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One Pucker Short of a Smooch

Based on the true events of Kim and Krickett Carpenter we watch the young married couple (played by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams) try to put they're lives back together after Paige looses her memory of ever meeting her husband, let alone marrying him. Plus, what other things has she forgotten about her parents?

Normally I re-review these types of movies to give the ladies out there the perspective from a woman's point of view in case it might differ from the Fathers. This time I must say that Marty had it pretty accurate in my opinion. Yes it was romantic, but not as romantic as I was hoping it would be. It started out great with the exchange of their vows but when it didn't end with a good earth shattering kiss I was completely dejected. Call me shallow and cheesy if ya like, but for me it's not a great romance without a fantastic deal-sealing kiss! I thought everyone knew that...apparently not. Tatum's acting is coming along but I've seen McAdams do much better. In the end the movie was a nice romance but it missed greatness by a kiss.

Motherly Advice: With sex and nudity filters on Medium I saw only one scene with the couple in their underwear running into the river. There is no sex in this scene or even kissing, they simply frolic in the water a bit. Also one other shot of Tatum taking the garbage out with no shirt on (because really, who doesn't take their garbage out topless?) Language filters also on Medium and I didn't hear anything questionable. There is one topic of infidelity you'd want to be wary of when letting younger audiences view this. It's talked about that a husband of many years had an affair in the past and ended it when his family found out. I'm thinking this filtered film is best suited for ages 12 and up.

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