Saving Private Ryan

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 An Epic World War II Film - Spielberg Style

Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) is part of the landing force at Normandy, France - Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6th, 1944 with the mission to wrest Europe from the clutches of Nazi Germany. After just having experienced the most harrowing combat experience of their lives, Miller and his squad of seven hand-picked men embark on a mission at the request of the Army, to bring Private James Ryan back, so he can go home to his grieving mother who has just learned she has lost three of her four sons to the war.

Saving Private Ryan is loosely based on a true story, but to many families I’m sure it was all too real.  The opening scene is probably one of the hardest to watch with its relentless carnage and raw images.  War movies can be difficult to watch and even haunting with the situations that provoke men to do things they normally wouldn’t do.  There is no sugar coating this horrific time in our history and it was very well played out by the recognizable cast.   With Memorial Day approaching it reminds me of the tender freedom that we have and prompts me to remember and honor those who serve.  This film was masterfully done and will incite some emotion due to its authentic nature.

Motherly Advice:  I wasn’t sure going into this how much ClearPlay could really do for such a graphic movie.  However, besides cutting immense amounts of language it also cut some of the gorier scenes including vomiting, limbs being severed and blood being projected from a variety of different injuries.  Death and war go hand and hand so the volume of deaths that are seen are still numerous.  Enemy soldiers that appear to be surrendering themselves are killed instead of taken as POW’s.  Smoking is used much throughout the film.  The use of guns, tanks, grenades, flame throwers and knives are a key feature in the portrayal of this realistic war story.  I chose to crank up all my filters for this one but no level of filtering will make this appropriate for all ages.  Gauging the age of a child who should see this really depends on their maturity to handle such material but I would recommend no one younger than 16.

Hannah Movie Mom, forever in debt to the brave servicemen and women!  

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