Father of the Bride 2

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Just as sweet even the 2nd time around!

George Banks (Steve Martin) had just finished paying off his daughter’s wedding (showcased in Father of the Bride) and with only his son left in the house he was looking toward the future with his wife and all the time they were going to have as empty nesters in a few years.  On a whim they decide to sell their picture perfect family home because they no longer need all the room. Great news abounds as Annie, their newlywed daughter, announces that she is pregnant. Well, as life does at times, George receives the curveball that his wife Nina (Diane Keaton) and he are expecting too. George’s simplistic future just got a lot hairier, being a Grandpa hadn’t even set in yet but a Dad again too!

This is the kind of movie that proves casting is very important.  The storyline isn’t brand new or super fantastic but Martin delivers humor and warmth and the chemistry with Keaton is great. Franck (played by Martin Short) is back too but instead of just irritating  George with every word he says (which he never understands) they have a bonding moment.  When Nina and Annie were having their babies I noticed the value George placed on the women in his life and the importance of family was well played in this movie and it actually brought me to tears. The movie is narrated through George’s eyes but the women and mothers in his life are what he lives for and cherishes. With the white picket fence and the loving family it made me want to jump into the movie and become a Banks myself.  

Motherly Advice: My filters were set to “medium” for this heartwarming and good feeling movie.   The main part to keep an eye out for is when George goes through his mini midlife crisis after feeling he looks old he gets a bit of a makeover.  He surprises Nina at home with his new look and well let’s just say they rekindled an old flame.  In that scene there are references to making love and they are shown kissing but no nudity.   Franck gives George a couple of sleeping pills to help him catch up on some Z’s but a reference later refers to them not being okay to take in the U.S. and he takes more than the recommended dose.  Wine is consumed at dinner but not a prominent presence.  Annie’s In-Laws have a couple of Doberman’s that are not fond of George at all and growl and bear their teeth at him whenever possible.   I would recommend ages 9 and up.   

HannahFar from realistic but I still love it!

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