There Be Dragons

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Two boyhood friends in Spain have a falling out, one choosing a life of service in the Catholic Church, the other a life of fighting and intrigue. Their lives, though separate, continue to intersect as Spain plunges into a bloody civil war and the morals, courage, and loyalty of each are tested.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay cleans up some language, including about twenty instances of profanity and probably as many religious exclamations. Also trimmed are some disturbing images and violence related to war. The themes of the movie, filtered or not, are geared toward adults.

Should I Be There for There Be Dragons?…

When I saw dragons in the title of the movie, I realized it was referring to metaphorical dragons representing evil. But about the middle of the movie I really hoped one of the giant, mythical beasts would show up to enliven the proceedings. Being able to take the Spanish Civil War, the complex themes of love, betrayal, redemption,and faith, and make them so boring takes a real gift. The cinematography is good, but unless you like historical epics that have a sweeping scope and a sluggardly pace, you might find more enjoyment and satisfaction mowing your lawn.
Brian Fuller – ClearPlay Lawn Mower
Rated PG-13 for violence and combat sequences, some language and thematic elements;122 min; Directed by Roland Joffé
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