Only You

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A Modern Roman Holiday!

Faith Corvatch (Marisa Tomei) decided at a young age that she was going to spend her life searching for a fortuneteller’s telling of her one true soul mate, namely, Damon Bradley. Fast forward to adulthood, engaged to a mundane podiatrist, she receives a call from her fiancĂ©’s friend, named none other than a Damon Bradley who is calling from Italy.  Faith hops on the next plane in pursuit of her one true love, only to run into a Peter Wright (Robert Downey Jr.) who claims to help her find Bradley but ends up falling for her in the process.  But only Faith can decide if her soul mate has come to her in the form of Peter Wright or if she’ll keep searching for Mr. Damon Bradley.

 I know Valentine’s Day is over but I just couldn’t help myself, I’m hooked on the chic flics! And Only You is a chic flic that every gal and heck, guy, should have in their library.  Marisa shines in this film, she’s cute and flirty without being overly annoying.  Robert Downy Jr. is amazing and fun to watch in such a smooshy role, or maybe I’m just used to him in a red, metal suit trying to save the world!?!? The story doesn’t have a whole lot of meat to it, but sometimes you just want a movie you have to think about, just cozy up and watch. Having said that, know that there are still plenty off twists and turns that will make you *gasp* in delightful surprise.

Motherly Advice: I watched half of Only You with my filters set on medium but after about an hour I had heard several blasphemes and switched my filters to most.  If you are watching with anyone under 14, set your filters on most because in that first hour I saw two majorly disgusting make-out scenes and one scene where a guy grabs Faith’s chest, sorry to be graphic but it’s true.  The second half watched on most was much better and the only thing worth mentioning is a dress that Faith wears, which basically shows most of her stomach, all of her shoulders and is thin white material (need I say more?). So now might I jump on a soapbox and say that if these are just a few of the things that I saw with medium and most filters, can you imagine what is in this movie without Clearplay? AND it’s rating is PG!!!!! Ok, off my soapbox. Watch this adorable film with your highest settings and you’ll be good to go with ages 11+.

Trisha~ Freshly appalled at who makes the ratings of these movies!

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