Mamma Mia

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A Movie Chalk-Full of Chuckles!

Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and her mom, Donna (Meryl Streep) live on a paradisaical Greek island running a beautiful villa hotel.  Happy as she’s ever been, Sophie is engaged to be married and wants for one thing, to know who her father is and have him walk her down the isle.  She steals her mother’s diary only to find that her father could be one of three men, so she does what any girl would do, invites them all to her wedding! Her purpose to find out who her father is, ends up sending her on a journey of self discovery, all the while being told in oldie goldie ABBA songs.

As a child I remember taking long road trips in our huge conversion van filled to the brim with 7 people and oodles of excitement.  What added to the excitement and anticipation was singing at the top of our lungs to ABBA songs.  So watching Mamma Mia was extremely nostalgic and fun to see the songs strung into a melodious stream of events.  I’m not sure if the actors were cast based on celebrity status, acting talent, or singing talent, but I’m guessing the first two and not the third because the voices of Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, and especially Pierce Brosnan did not do the songs justice.  In fact I was either scrunching my eyes and ears in embarrassment, or just plain laughing during their singing parts.  Again, the acting was fantastic, of course, but just don’t take the singing parts too seriously because you’ll be sorely disappointed.  Despite that though, I’d still give Mamma Mia a ringing endorsement, after all it did make my laugh, tear up, and say, “Ahh, what a cute love story!”

Motherly Advice: I had to wonder at first if Mamma Mia even needed filters, but then when I watched it with my filters on medium I was glad.  Meryl Streep’s character has two friends come in for the wedding and their parts are really pretty crass.  So with filters on here are just a few things to watch out for: plunging necklines, short shorts, and just a few scenes that involve cigars and alcohol.  The movie itself is pretty clean except that the whole reason why Sophie doesn’t know which one is her father is because her mother slept with all three men around the same time, which is a theme laced through the whole film.  SO because of that aspect alone, I would think Mamma Mia would be appropriate for ages 12 and up.

Trisha~I still find that ABBA music is the BEST music to run to!

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