Family Movie Night Activity - Zookeeper

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“Come On, You Had To See This Coming…”

Griffin is a Zookeeper who isn’t so lucky in love… his girlfriend won’t marry him because of his job. Now it’s up to the animals to help him find his true love all while keeping his job. Taking advice from a variety of different zoo animals leads to some crazy tactics, so gather your family around to see if the animals really can help him get everything Griffin hopes for. To see if this movie is right for you and your family, check out the review here.

Movie Snacks
*When at the Zoo, there are plenty of snacks to choose from that would be fun to enjoy during your Family Movie Night as well. Choose from Icees, popcorn, pretzels, cotton candy, churros or your favorite zoo snacks.
*Have a Zoo animal dinner with different dishes to represent each of Griffin’s animal friends. You could have “Organic Jambalaya” like they serve Bernie the Gorilla and lots of different salads, fruits and vegetables for all the vegetarian animals like the giraffes. 
*When Griffin takes Bernie out to eat at a restaurant he’s had his eye on, he orders 30 Oranges. Slice up a few oranges and enjoy them along with the big guy.
*Remember for a simple Zoo themed snack, grab some animal cookies or crackers. Let your kids see if they can match up their treats with the animals they see on the screen.

Must Pause Moments
*Griffin is always bringing in new things for the animals, especially for Bernie the Gorilla. He brings a tire to make a swing, ball and other things for Bernie to play with. Pause the movie and play a round of “Gorilla’s Got Your Smile.” Have your family sit in a circle with one person in the middle who is the gorilla. The gorilla gets to randomly choose someone to taunt by making monkey sounds, faces and actions for a set amount of time. If the person breaks into a smile or laugh, then they become the gorilla and get to tease someone else. Go around the circle until everyone has had a turn being the gorilla.
*When the animals reveal that they can talk, it really surprises Griffin. Play a round of animal charades and see if you can surprise your family by showing off how good you are at being an animal.
*When Stephanie and Gale start dancing, have your whole family join in. You can partner up and try to ballroom dance, or you can each dance alone and free-style it until the dancing scene is over.

Other Activities
*Decorate your home to look like a Zoo. You can use stuffed animals and other toys creatures as the exhibits, turn the kitchen into the snack bar, and maybe even set up a gift shop!
*Just like the wedding party in the movie, you and your family could go for a bike ride. You’ll probably want to avoid going under trucks and down stairs like Griffin and Gale do though, we want you ALL to enjoy this Movie Night.
*After watching this movie you’ll probably want to visit the zoo nearest to you! Plan a day trip to see what animals are waiting to befriend you at your local zoo. Not sure where the closest zoo is, then check out this website.

*LyndiLou* ~ Movie Mom & Zookeeper Of Her Own Little Monkey

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